Pro-IV Software Development

Nusoft Services has had substantial experience, since 1991, of developing I.T. applications in Pro-IV. Much of this experience has been in a Unix/Oracle environment. Pro-Iv Wikipedia Entry Nusoft services has provided Pro-Iv consultancy to the following clients in manufacturing andtelecoms sectors.

Habasit Rossi (previously Charles Walker Ltd).  Development and maintenance on the company’s main business system Altair.  The Altair system encompassed Sales Order, Works Order, Production Planning, Stock, General Leder, Payments and Purchase Order Modules.  The system is written PRO-IV v4.0 and runs on an IBM AIX Machine.  All database files are CISAM and PRO-ISAM.  All development and maintenance tasks are performed remotely from my office via the Internet using CITRX.

TN Intellitrans, Colchester Essex.  Development of a logistics system for the transport of paper rolls from the paper mill to the end customer.  The development of this system is based on the use of an Oracle8 server for all the data storage and a PRO-IV GUI front end for all the screens. Whilst working on this system I have been both coding new PRO-IV GUI screens and PL/SQL triggers and packages for the creation of EDI messages.

TNT Atherstone, U.K, ending July 2000.  Providing product support for the companies logistics systems for internal clients throughout the world.   Since this was realy 3rd line support many of the issues I was assigned to handle were new bugs which required investigation and ultimately fixes to the PRO-IV system.

CSC Ploenzke, Munich, Germany. My position with CSC had evolved over the last two years.  My initial position was as a developer/programmer supporting enhancements to ISIS 2.2 systems.  This led into a role as a hybrid  PRO-IV / Oracle developer for CSC’s new mobile telephony system called Billing Components. Responsibility at this time was for the billing and invoice creation module.  Since January 1999 my role changed to that of an implementation team leader.  This meant organising and running system acceptance testing and co-ordination bug fixing.  This meant frequent client site visits to conduct testing, training and discussion.

Ericssons Data Netherlands B.V.  Providing product support and enhancements to Ericsson sites in Europe running MDIS CHESS as their main production and inventory control system.

MDIS Bristol, ending in December 96.  Working on HRS System with PRO-IV SuperLayer and Oracle.

CSC Intelicom, primarily based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA but also include work at CSC London and telecommuting from home.  CSC Intelicom’s business is in the development and supply of a telecomm billing system called ISIS.  ISIS is implemented on HP UX hardware using PRO-IV and Oracle.  ISIS has been implement in many sites around the world and represents a multi-million dollar product for CSC.  My position with the company was as Analyst/Programmer. My role with the client is that of providing new software design and implementation using state of the art rapid application development tools, primarily the fourth generation language PRO-IV.  Also included within this role is supporting the client with his installation training, documentation, and a considerable amount of product support and trouble shooting for installation sites.  This requires me to deal with Managers, System Architects, System Analysts and Customer representatives within the client’s organisation.

Dynacast (Diltech) Ltd.  Alcester, Warwickshire. As part of a 3 year IT project for the company I was involved in the design and development of a shop floor data collection system to support the manufacturing planning and control system Xerox CHESS.  Since CHESS is written PRO-IV it was a natural choice to write the SFDC system and its interface with CHESS in PRO-IV.  The implementation stage of this took about two years.  Early development work was done with a DOS PRO-IV license and later on with a Unix license when the target system and development tools became available.